Diary 10

I hate people that you think you can have a joke with and then one day they take u serious

I cba to explain bcos its long but this girl and her entire friend group have it out for me over a joke which she took seriously. if i wanted to insult her i would have.. like? I just dont understand how she took what i said seriously??? It was so obviously a joke and if its a serious problem i can apologise like.. Anyways they are just doing the most to gain attention In any way possible, and thats by starting drama bc they r irrelevant

Every day is getting worse and i have little to no reason to keep trying anymore. The many many excuses are coming back. I wish i was brave enough to make something change, but I’m not. Im not that person. I cant confide in people because nothing happens.

this might all just be because im getting my period soon, i dont know.

I dont know anything


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3 weeks ago

sorry but people can be too f-ing moody