Diary 12

I forgot yesterday too…

How do you tell someone they smell seriously bad without telling them. this isn’t just like a minor ”oh he has smelly armpits or something”

I nearly gagged two times today when he put his hand up. I sit next to him in 4 Lessons, I have at least 2 of them each day. The thing is he’s my friend kinda as well But its getting seriously concerning. I dont know if it’s his clothes hes not washing or hes not bathing or showering, Or maybe hes sweating.. but that’s not really an excuse. People tell him pretty much daily he stinks of shit,, well,, because he does, and he just kind of ignores it and comes in the next day smelling even worse of pure body odour, shit, urine, and more

I’m really bad at starting arguements with people and I know one would start If I brought it up as well, I think I’m the only person who’s really nice to him and he can talk to and you can imagine how hard it would be telling him

I kind of want to put a bar of soap in his bag annonomusly and see what would happen.

men are so fucking filthy I dont care I’m going to tell him because others shouldn’t suffer Just because he chooses to stink of literal shit And I shouldn’t have to look An Entire different direction from him to breath 50% shit and 50% fresh air.

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2 weeks ago

“We are friends, right?”
(Assume the answer is yes.)

“And you trust me, right?”
(Again, assume yes.)

“Because I’m your friend, I have to tell you people are talking, and I’ve noticed it, too. You’ve got an unpleasant odor about you. I don’t know if it’s your clothes or your body, but it’s really foul smelling. It smells like a mixture of urine and feces. Are you okay?”

Hopefully, something along those lines will work.

In high school, we had three girls and one guy sharing a locker. He smelled like BO all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

We wrapped up a bar of scented soap and left it in the locker with a note. “We love sharing a locker with you, but we don’t love the body odor. We know it’s not intentional, so we thought we’d get you this and hope you like the scent.


Your friends”

2 weeks ago

@caria I’ll incorporate some of that yeah. Good idea. Then again i feel like if i bought him deodorant or anything like that It would be a waste of money because alot of the things people say to him happens to go in one ear and out through the other So he’d probably not use it. I think ill just try to live with it until I can’tšŸ˜…

2 weeks ago

I had to tell an employee that her coworkers were complaining about her odor. Actually, I think it was a leather jacket, but they were bitches. It was not fun. In his case, he’s been told and doesn’t care. Can you get someone in administration to handle this? Carina is on the right track. You never know what’s going on in people’s homes. Be gentle.

2 weeks ago


Yeah. I think its just me and not being brave enoguh to tell him. I think telling a teacher or something like that would only make it worse and make a big thing out of something little

So i’ll def tell you when i tell him.. Or if