Diary 8

I forgot to do yesterdays.

A school trip is coming up and I’m going to have a chance to go to Barcelona for 8 days. We are going to be doing water sports and living in a private beach and housing and I want to go so bad. My friends keep asking why I’m so enthusiastic about it but its because I’ve never really been anywhere. I’ve only ever been to northern Ireland. I need to get a passport and I dont even know if any of my friends are coming as well but I dont care. Anything to go on holiday. I’ve finally got¬† a chance to go somewhere and I’ve always dreamed of doing so and So If my parents can afford it then 100% I’m going.

I’m kind of nervous about swimming since i have hip dips and I’m kinda built like a door but yk what, I’m on holiday so why should any of that matter

I wanna get myself a Spanish boyfriend ngl

Anyways¬† lately Its all I can think of. I’ve still been really down and just thinking so much. I’ve been loosing so much focus in school this week and maybe next week that won’t be the case, I can only hope

Also I’m still in love with my german teacher. I’ve always had a thing for people older then me eeeeugh

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