Cassy and I talking On FB.

i am sorry that i just got up and left again but i cant help that i love kyle so fucking much he is really trying to work things out with me idk what will happen so far it hasnt look so good execpt for tonight gino i am sorry but when i see you i just remember one sentence "i wanna try to find better, sorry cass." i cant get that out of my head i wanna believe that you love me so much gino, but i know your gunna leave i just know it. sorry but i went out into town on thursday like i said i was so yeah…… i just idk but i am sorry you where my first love but not my last i dont me to tear you apart but its the truth idk what im thinking all i know is that i love kyle to death idk why but i am going to make a different facebook and add you

Gino McCoy October 24 at 5:47am

Okay.. well cassy, ive looked far and wide. ill never find a girl like you. i left before, but that was over with. i remember how fucked up it was that i did, and i deserve complete hell for it, but cassy, i really learned from it. I promise you i always will love you. i promise you i will never leave. no matter what i say to myself or anyone, i know i just cant stop. you were everything to me. you still are. ive waited over a year cassy. i know i left. but i realized what i had. in fact, here heres that one letter i wrote. i found it in y diary. here it is.

Inserted my diary entry "a moonlit letter for you my love"
i took this straight from it. i know you canthink i will leave, but the truth is im here to stay now. want me or not. want kyle or not. even if you leave me or not. i will always be here for you.Cassy, you really are the one. there is NO better. right now, and even after now, you are the ONE. "i wanna to find better, sorry cass." those were the words of a foolish child who didnt see you for the perfect gem of n angel that you were. so now matter what you choose cassy, remember i love you, i always have and always will. remember that im here, and even if you choose kyle or end up with some random boy, i care and want the best for you. i just want you happy. its all that matters. you come before me, and that means if you choose kyle, i can say i tried. i can say i gave it my all. yea, there will always be that hole that no other fire can touch, but ill just push it down and smile. for you. I Love YOU Cassy Peggy Craft. remembver that

Gino McCoy October 24 at 5:49am

sorry if this letter makes you hate me, but its just what i wrote that day and wrote in my diary the next.sorry cassy. sorry i cant be perfect.
I hate how easy it was to be caught back in this… I dont know what to say. So yea, either this is part of a game, or shes being sincere. Sigh. Fuck. why does love have to hurt so much. im crying at garys house right now in the living room. Joe just went to bed. and im shaking uncontrollably. Someone just kill me. Day at garys consisted of playing yugioh for 3 more hours and also working on that song i wrote. we added harmony vocals to the chorus and it sounds amazing. Sigh. i alsoo talked to danielle. shes upset with me. just great. well im going to pass out now, and wake up from a nightmare. night all…/

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