Thanks everyone for the kind messages, I feel better now, I had to talk myself into believing there is so much more out there for me. Even if hope is still bleak I still have faith that the universe will come to my aid. I went out today, had a talk with my girlfriend who says she isn’t leaving me. Well I still love her but I have already signed out of the relationship, I need to focus on getting myself to where I want to be. But going out today was really helpful, woipd try to go out more with old friends and also make new friends.

I want to believe if I put in the work I would be rewarded. Even though the thoughts of how many times I have failed still haunts me, I want to be optimistic about life. I think a lot, you can call me an overthinker, so I have thought of too many negatives in the past but right now I want to move forward thinking positively. I haven’t slept for 2 days plus so many bills are coming, plus the rising debts but I will be fine.

Again thank you so much for the messages of encouragement. I really appreciate them.

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