Hey everybody! Tomorrow is march 1st! yay! I’m so glad I got my permanent caps put in today, but the dentist isn’t even finished.  In about mid march I’m going to spend something like 3 1/2 hours in the chair, (probably listening to the rest of the kev hart audiobook or a new audiobook from the library) getting four MORE caps done.  I’ve finished three more books, and am working on a few more at the moment.  On Saturday, my parents and I are seeing Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical “In the Heights” at TCTA.  (Topeka Civic theatre and academy) It looks really good. Have any of you seen it already? How was it? My doggie Oscar is sleeping, and since my doctor said I had better spend another hour up and around (I guess so I can tire myself out, it’s about 9 pm now) because I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  Because it’s march, I can also start the swagbucks train again! Bonus points here I come!




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