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Hey everyone! The past week has been for the lack of a better word:uneventful.  This past tuesday, I went and got a blood test to check for vitamins, (B vitamins/folic acid) and I still haven’t gotten the results back so I’m kinda nervous.  On Saturday, I went and froze my face off, (ugh) going to the library to get the new truly devious book (the final one in the series, I hope!) and today I’m going to the dentist for a checkup.  (Maybe they’ll fixed my chipped tooth?) Remind me to bring my ipod touch, guys! My dog Oscar, is asleep this morning in his kennel, hopefully he’ll rise with the sun unlike me, who’s up writing to you at around 6:30 AM.  I haven’t been sleeping very well lately, and even though my doctor wrote me an RX for ambien, I totally can’t have it, because it would induce seizures.  (That AND being allergic to tylenol would probably be a double whammy, if not a triple one.) I’ve also been watching my share of youtube videos, (okay maybe the same ones over and over again.) finally bought the movie the bling ring (one of my favorite flicks) on amazon by finally using a gift certificate that I never used. (I watched it a couple of times on saturday) Sunday I did the major weekly chores, yesterday I vacuumed, (finally) and since it’s tuesday, it’s also jazzercise and grocery store.  Yesterday, it was misty all day but right now it’s cloudy. (and dark!) But my girl, alexa says it’s going to be sunny so I’ll just have to trust my AIs judgement.  Saturday afternoon, I also rewatched MOST of the time traveler’s wife.  I forgot how good it was!  I finished up a couple books on my goodreads challenge so I could get 100 books this year. (I might just finish off a few while waiting for dad to do HIS checkup, we have been known to do two appts. in one day in the past, and are still continuing that tradition.  Afterwards we go to the coffee shop for cookies. YUM! It seems like it defeats the purpose of a teeth cleaning though.)

Keep your fingers crossed for zero cavities everyone!



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