this past week.

Hey everybody! I finally got to go to the dentist (with my dad no less) and I have to have my canines (among other teeth) capped.  My dentist also mentioned that there are two other bottom teeth that need to be capped as well. So there are going to be a few appointments starting on tuesday, on which the temporary caps will need to be put on.  I’m a little bit nervous about this, because in the past I had to get ALL my molars capped, (no joke) and that wasn’t really fun.  The upside is that Tuesday morning after my mom and I go to jazzercise, we go grocery shopping. I intend to get lots of stuff for homemade soup.  Jello and pasta might be other choice items I could go for. I finished three books this past week, and that left me with such a feeling of accomplishment! (On wednesday the weather was nice so I got about ten books from my “for later” shelf on the library website.  Thanks tspcl!) I would highly recommend the second in the truly devious series (although you really have to read the first to understand the second book in the duology.) The crusader, the second book I read is a historical fiction book about a bunch of monks at a monestary I guess.  The third was a short read but even though I’m an avid reader it was hard to understand.  Even though it was classified as “horror” You should have left was probably better just that:left.  I am currently reading the book “F” by Daniel Kehlmann.  Does anyone have any recommendations for dentist friendly audiobooks? If so, please leave a comment with the name of the book in my comments section! Thank you!



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