Failure performance of engine cylinder head gasket

The engine cylinder head gasket should have sufficient strength and be resistant to pressure, heat and corrosion. MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is a common gasket. The cylinder head gasket is directly in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas, so it is easy to be ablated during use, especially around the cylinder mouth curling. What are the manifestations of the ablation failure of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket? How should it be handled?

The ablation failure symptoms of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket include:

(1) Burning between the two cylinder edges of the MTU2000 cylinder head gasket: engine power is insufficient, the car is weak, and the acceleration is poor. Remove the air filter and leave the engine at idle speed.

At the moment, the sound of “pop” can be heard at the inlet of the intake pipe.

(2) The burned part of the MTU2000 cylinder gasket is connected to the water jacket hole: bubbles appear in the water tank, boiling, and white smoke from exhaust.

(The burned part of the 3MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is connected to the oil passage: part of the engine oil will flow into the cylinder and be ablated, and the exhaust will emit blue smoke.

(4) The burned part of the cylinder head gasket of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is connected to the external atmosphere: the engine is poor in power performance, the economy is deteriorated, and the gasket is damaged.

Common engine cylinder head gaskets are caused by high-temperature and high-pressure gas impacting the cylinder head gasket, which burns out the mouth, guard ring and asbestos plate, causing cylinder air leakage and leakage of lubricating oil and cooling water. In the event of an erosion cylinder gasket failure, the engine’s power performance will drop, the cylinder pressure will be insufficient, and in severe cases, the carburetor will backfire and the exhaust pipe will fire.

​cylinder head gasket

Diagnosis and elimination of ablation failure of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket:

(1) In addition to judging whether the MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is ablated by detecting the cylinder pressure during use, you can also remove the water tank cover, start the engine running at medium speed, and observe the water tank

(2) Whether there are bubbles coming out of the inside. If it is found that there are continuous bubbles from the water tank filling port, it is ablation of the cylinder gasket.

(3) If the water surface fluctuation is aggravated with the increase of the engine speed, and water is sprayed out at the same time, it will be partly washed away around the water passage of the engine cylinder head gasket. At this time, the fire can be cut off cylinder by cylinder

(4) Find out the non-working MTU2000 cylinder head gasket, remove the spark plug and observe whether the electrode has water droplets;

(5) Start the engine and observe whether there is water or steam sprayed from the spark plug hole to determine whether the MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is burnt. When the engine is working, move your hand around the cylinder head gasket. If you feel a gas rush, the gasket is ablated. When the cylinder head gasket is seriously damaged, it can be

(5) Bubbles are found at the junction of the cylinder head and the cylinder body.

(6) When it is found that the water level in the water tank drops quickly during use, pull out the oil dipstick and check that there is water in the oil (the oil color is yellow or even white), which is a leakage of the MTU2000 cylinder head gasket; in addition, the temperature of the cooling water in the water tank rises too fast , Boiling frequently, the water inlet is turned over, and the water inlet pipe is not dented, the cooling water is not obviously consumed, and the cylinder gasket is leaking. In case of the above phenomenon, the cylinder head gasket should be replaced with a new one.

First aid measures for ablation of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket

If the MTU2000 cylinder head gasket is found to be burned while driving and there are no spare parts, the following first aid measures can be taken:

(1) Remove the engine cylinder gasket and check it carefully. If a small opening is broken, you can fill the broken part with tin foil packed in a cigarette box, tin foil or asbestos thread in a waste capacitor, and tap it carefully.

(2) If the damaged surface is large, dry cowhide pads or cut a piece from the same part of the waste cylinder pad can be used as a substitute, and the vehicle will be repaired according to the technical specifications after returning to the field.

The above is about the malfunction performance and solutions of MTU2000 cylinder head gasket. If you have more questions about the engine cylinder head gasket, please contact Guangzhou Hui Yuan Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.!

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June 16, 2022

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