Four weeks out 5 tinder dates?

So, since I’ve separated I wanted to see whats out there. I live in the DC Area, everyone is a type A personality busy busy and one thing I dont have time for is for me to go to Bars clubs etc…. at 43 is not something I’m interested at all. So I did what people do now days, Tinder.

I’ve actually met really cool ladies, I’m not trying to make this a habit but its been therapeutic to go on dates.

Since my separation I’ve felt (because of that inner voice we all have, we know is wrong but we still somewhat listen) that i wont have enough time to meet someone meaningful, i realize is stupid/silly but is traumatic to go trough this and all i can think is how…

So far Tinder have helped me…

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December 3, 2018

I’m glad that Tinder is helping you with finding a more meaningful relationship.