How to move forward…

Its been almost two months from my separation. All things considered i think I am doing well. I feel ALL the emotions at once, anger, resentment, love, disappointment, sympathy.. all at once. One thing that plays in my mind is how one goes from “thinking” that you have all you want to all of the sudden feeling so empty.

Our family had been working on our dream, we had been saving for four years and next year we were going to buy a sailboat and sail the caribbean, home-school the kids for a year and explore all the islands…. here is our website if you care to check it out now i’ll be using those savings to buy me an apartment in DC… wow, i would have never guessed.

One thing i know for sure is that the path to move forward is to simply accept what is broken, maybe it can be repaired, maybe not but one thing is sure, there is no feeling sorry for oneself, that is just a bad way to think ahead.

baby steps

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December 12, 2018

sounds fun! if both of you can put your careers on hold I would do it

December 12, 2018

That’s good to hear that you’re doing well, after going through a rough separation. It’s understandable to feel a mixture of emotions, and feel a little disappointed, that your family will never get a chance to fulfill your dream.

Good luck with continuing to move forward.