Well Good morning to whomever is reading, first I would like to tell you this is more or less for me and the people that would like to support each other through life experiences. I will continue about my day

it is currently 9 AM and I have just arrived at the office. To give the reader more of a visual as to what my morning’s look like…

  • 7:00 AM : Alarm Goes Off – snooze
  • 7:15 AM : Alarm Goes Off – snooze
  • 7:30 AM : Alarm Goes Off – Wake Up
  • 7:45 AM : Shower
  • 8:00 AM : Off to work

Now I know what your thinking, “well I hit snooze the same amount if not more” but I feel like this little bit of time in the morning could be taken advantage of just by me getting up when my 1st alarm goes off. Given that this is an open diary I will say that one day I will not be snoozing my alarms as I do today.

My commute to the office is around 45 minutes to an hour depending of traffic. I generally do not have breakfast in the mornings , on occasion the office manager will send me out to get breakfast but that is never a for sure thing. I would like for this routine to change as well, knowing that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.. I generally just have coffee in the mornings. (typical)

Sorry for the long entry this morning, I’m still trying to figure this out… let me know if I am over thinking about my entry being this long or I could input more text. If you made it this far please comment and let me know your out there, thanks again for sparing time with me.

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October 29, 2019

I’m a snoozer too! Like for an hour prior to getting up I have alarms set at 15 minute intervals.

I say make your entries as long as you wish…write until you dont want to write anymore

October 30, 2019

@cherrywine_1 Honestly I am going to add you to a ‘circle’?  i think is what its called, ( im still new to this Open Diary) but You will be the 1st of, hopefully, many to join my community of daily readers and conversationalist!! so back to this entry, YES I used to have it set like that as well with 10 min intervals, luckily I’ve been working at it and so far so good given that instead of laying in bed an hour with alarms its only 30 mins…. BUT this morning was much better ( i will share in an entry for today )