Kick the Nic : Day 2

Day 2 without nicotine,

So yesterday there was a constant reminder like a bell ever 5 seconds *ding (cigarette) ….. *ding (cigarette) ….. *ding (cigarette)  Today feels different, occasional craving for nicotine here and there but that crave feeling is just not as consistent as yesterday . Like this morning for example, on the commute to the office I was thinking to myself ” is this really how I would start my day? with a cigarette ? Why would I start my day filling toxins in my body…” after that time of thinking about having a cigarette, the rest of the morning I don’t recall wanting to smoke.

Good things about today was

  1. Getting to work early , beating traffic
  2. Office manager buys breakfast
  3. Slow day in the office
  5. (regarding #4) No Work on Friday
  6. Office manager buys lunch

Now I know, so far so good, but sad thing is I did get a strong urge to smoke right after eating my lunch and the feeling has yet to go away. I got done eating about 30 mins ago, does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just me… I don’t know. This quitting cold turkey thing has been good, until someone offers me a cig… I know when that time comes it will be hard for me to say no and I really really want to say no to that cigarette. but sadly I feel like I might take it…… then I’ll have to start over? plz help.

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October 29, 2019

Yay! You’re  doing great. Once you hit 7 days I feel like it gets easier. I always smoked after I ate so that was a hard trigger, and when driving.

I can reccomend you use the “quit now” app… it tells you all of the health benefits as they occur..  like how your body is responding each day post final ciggarette.. it’s a great app and there is a chat on it & you can talk to other people quitting. It was super helpful.

October 30, 2019

@cherrywine_1 aha ! Seems I have already touched on this comment , none the less it was still useful and I did download the app, just going to play around and see the features it brings for my use (: thanks again VERY MUCH