At Peace

Love. I did not go looking for words, but they found me. It was a story that I will tell later if it is important.

I remembered to breathe. I hope to continue to remember to breathe in all things.

I learned that not everyone learns to breathe and how to breathe as I do. I wish to strongly relate two concepts. I hope you are curious and I am heard.

I do not mean to be rude by presuming to teach you how to breathe. Only within the bounds of your own consent, I ask that you read these two sentences until you understand or have had enough.

Everyone knows the feeling of breathing. We know what it feels like to manually breathe, and some people do not like manually breathing. (I most sincerely apologize to those people, but this is an entry on breathing. I hope you will choose to read anyway.) And somehow, we also understand what it feels like to “not manual breathe”, because it’s what we do most of the time.

(I am so sorry again to those of you who hate manual breathing. Just a little more.)

We know what it feels like to start manually breathing, and we know what it feels like to try to stop manually breathing. I know that I personally don’t mind starting to manually breathe, because it feels like the start of a deep breath. But for me, trying to stop manually breathing is challenging, some times more than others. I suppose some people may find the starting to be the challenge instead, and that would also be good.

We know what it feels like to try to forget manual breathing. Amen.

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3 weeks ago

I have found for myself that breathing is so important. I have dabbled in some meditation and it always does me good. Happy New Year!

@justjulie I am interested to know what relationships your meditation explored, if that is not too intimate of a question. Happy New Year!

3 weeks ago

@iamnur I have used the app called Headspace. It helps me to pause and truly focus on the breath. I have learned to count my breaths and tune out everything else. I have also learned to do body scans and do a technique called noting, where you acknowledge what is happening in your mind, label it either thought or feeling, and then let it go.

3 weeks ago

Is manual breathing just being aware of taking breaths?

@happyathome Maybe. I think of “manual breathing” as the period of time between when I start “manual breathing” with a deliberate, controlled breath that I am aware of and when I stop “manual breathing” when I have forgotten to control my breath and my autonomic system picks it up. I have learned many things from this.

I know many people do not enjoy manual breathing. I am trying to prefer it when I don’t mind doing some work.