Circadian Rhythm? No Thanks.

Hello. It’s early morning. Not quite sunrise, but some are on their way to work. Lucky people.

I haven’t slept. I feel okay, but I know I’m at the age where this shouldn’t be a regular thing. Really thinking, I don’t remember the last time I pulled an all-nighter, intentionally or not. There’s no reason for me to have this much energy either because I did some cleaning and reading, on top of rearranging my living room in the morning. I am trying to quit smoking, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I thought about yesterday’s entry and I attribute my short patience to the lack of cigarettes in my possession.

But onward and upward. Quitting feels like an everyday, active process to me. With all the information available on adverse health effects. And I still want a cigarette so bad.

Onward and upward. I packed up my video game systems when I was moving things around. I think I’ll be using my stereo way more than my television now. I don’t even watch Netflix, so I don’t mind cutting that and putting away my TV entirely.

Onward and upward. We all have more important things to worry about.

Onward and upward, but not without my family.

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August 21, 2020

Do you have a Switch? I will give you my FC if you want. 🙂 I’m Sam btw…

August 21, 2020

I quit smoking 23 years ago and still sometimes want a smoke. I said I’d never smoke again for two reasons. 1st it stinks and 2nd it was so hard to quit I couldn’t do it again. Best thing I ever did. Good luck to you 👌🏻

August 22, 2020

Good luck on quitting smoking.  It’s a challenge. I’m 9 years and 9 months in and I occasionally find myself wanting a cigarette at random times.