Killing Time vs Filling Time

Good afternoon. Or morning or evening. Wherever you are, good day.

My sleep schedule is still out of whack, but I managed to sleep at a halfway decent time. Feeling rested. But now I sit here listening to lo-fi and just wonder how I’ll fill my time.

I swapped out TVs in the common space and my bedroom. The big one goes in the closet. All I really want to watch is basketball. I want to stop watching the news, but I can’t. I am attempting to limit it down to just the essentials.

(Day 4 of cutting cigarettes out.  I feel good.)

I found a bike for free. Curbside. Worse for the wear. It’s going to take some time to fix it and maybe the previous owner didn’t want to put in that effort. But hey. At least I have something to do with my hands now.

I had maybe two bikes growing up and I never did any handiwork on either one. That is kind of a shame, but I am handier with a wrench at this point in my life, so why not? Old friends back home used to tell me just to true the rim if the brakes rub against the rim. (They rode BMX) Springs keep tension in the chain and gears. Oil the moving parts. I do find it very therapeutic as well, just cleaning the dirt off the dang thing.

That’s how I filled my day yesterday. When I went to buy a tool for the spokes, I refilled on bug spray finally. It’s way over due for me to go out and do some fishing. I miss going out to river banks on days with nothing to do. Build a small fire in the summer evening after coming back the third time that day. I miss ice fishing. All the effort I spent with my other friend, just trying to break through the thick winter ice. All we had was a hand auger. It was pretty dumb, but I am laughing as I write it down now. I remember I was incredibly grumpy after it was done. Fun times. Simple days.

I’m aiming to go to bed and wake up early, early morning for fishing. After this post, I’m aiming to do at least a bit more work on this bike. I don’t have a name for it yet, but maybe that should wait until it hits the road.

Continue being excellent people, I hope you have a good day.

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August 22, 2020

Ever go icehole fishing? Yes, I am Canadian… 😛