September 4 2020

Coffee and computers. They just go great together. Not literally, of course.

I started muting advertisements, and it’s just so peaceful. I don’t even look at the screen if it’s a video advert. I have plenty of thoughts in my head, I don’t need your ideas mucking it up Pepsi.

I finished fixing a bike. It wasn’t worth it. The front tire doesn’t hold any air and the back has treads way too wide for the frame, even if I remove most air. That was bad for my motivation, not going to lie. I was looking forward to a bike ride before summer ended.

Can’t dwell on that. I did go fishing with a friend of mine. Nothing was biting on the weekend we went out, but it was a good drive all the same. Normally when I’m out with people, I talk just to fill the silence. But fishing, I don’t feel that way. It’s nice. I think I’ll practice that more often. Invasive thoughts in my head: “Why are they so quiet? Are they judging me? I’ll distract them with some inane BS to prove that I’m NOT annoying.” Regular people don’t really care about how much or how little I talk. I constantly forget that. Maybe you do too.

It’s hard being honest with yourself if you aren’t used to it. I think I’m making progress on self reflection.

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September 5, 2020

Watching videos on YouTube? On your computer? If you download Ghostery and Adblock Plus on to your browser, then you will not see any advertisements on YouTube or anywhere else. They are both free.  Yes, they literally remove the in-video advertisements too.

 Me personally, I would take my bicycle to a bicycle repair shop, and trade it in for a better bike. Perhaps there will be a small extra cost on the trade-in, but at least you will have a strong, good working bike.  Instant satisfaction. Instant gratification.

 Compliments are fantastic conversation starters. And you don’t need to be fishing to give them.  Simply complimenting on someone’s shirt, coat,  jewelry, phone, etc,  will open up a new conversation explaining where they bought it, why they bought it, and how they feel about it.  Honestly, people love talking about themselves.

 You say that people don’t normally care about how much or how little you talk. Honestly, If you are reserved, then people respect that.  We are not here, living amongst each other, to force anyone to do anything.  If you are a quiet person, that’s fine. If you are a talkative person, that’s great!  This is all part of the wonderful, accepted world of diversity.

 It was just last week, I bought a new charging cord and car adapter for my phone.  I could not believe the difference! Now my phone is fully charged in one hour.  My old charger took 2 hours to charge my phone. What a difference!  Oh, wait! Did I just start a conversation with you? Wow! That was so easy.  I guess I just enjoy talking about myself too 🙂

September 5, 2020

@socialstephen Little conveniences add up. I definitely enjoy discovering them.