If your entire life was recorded on film, could you pinpoint the exact moment that you became old?

I’m not old.  I wouldn’t call myself old or ancient or even aged.  But I am different, comparing now and then, whenever then is. Whenever now starts.

Extremely different from 10 years ago when I was still partying and involved in too many chaotic moments. Fun, but chaotic. Eight years ago when I was first diagnosed with depression. Seven years ago when I stopped the meds. Hell, 18 months ago I finally started talking with a therapist.

Late night. Quiet. Alone. My younger self would call me an idiot. I would probably say the same thing back.

It doesn’t matter who calls me an idiot tonight. I have tea.

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September 5, 2020

Idiot is just an opinion. Who runs into a burning building? An idiot? A firefighter.  Who would put a sword down their throat? An idiot?  A sword swallower. These people do not think they are idiots, and they never will.  Yet, someone else may think they are, for doing what they do.  Doing something the wrong way is not a failure.  It is one step closer to success.  The only way that we can learn to do something correctly, is to fail at it first. That’s life. That’s human nature.  This does not make us idiots. This makes us human.  Enjoy your tea 🙂