Thursday may 5 2022

up at 8.30 am  8.51 am to 9.25 am on iTunes.   9.33 am 10.30 am to online. 10 48   am to 1204 pm get free Launch at .st.Patrick’s church.  today was a sandwich. 1.00pm to 1.40 pm reading   200pm to 3.00pm  some tv..300pmto 4.39pm more  reading    6. 00pm to 700pm supper had fries  .600pm to 7.00 pm the news.  7.00 pm to 1100pm some  Hockey on TV.  11.00 pm to 11 32 pm news . after the news going  do some reading  and  go on Chromebook for going to bed

Have  a  good night  all

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