Rambling Procedures…

The time, at the moment, is 12:48 a.m.

Pacific Standard Time.

Approximately six (6) hours from now, I’ll be having my third colonoscopy in 18 months.  I’ve been “diagnosed” as having ulcerative colitis. Not fun.

Additionally, I can’t remember when I pulled an “all nighter”. This “cleansing” stuff given to “clean” you out is gross. I was given a packet of lemon lime. Didn’t really make it taste that much better , though I will admit that the colder the stuff is, the easier it goes down. Instructions state drink half the gallon between 5pm and 8pm. Take a break and then drink the rest four hours prior to the procedure but please remember that you can’t drink anything after 5am. So I have 3 hours to drink half and then 4 hours to drink the other half.

1:30 am at this moment and according to my calculations I have at least ONE … ok … TWO more glasses or containers to drink of this goody juice and I’m done. Indeed, the colder it is the easier it goes down.

I often wondered what people did this late at night. Haha – wasn’t that a bit cliché? Yes it was!!! And it was unintentional, too. I won’t dwell on what others do. Just what I do.

So far I’ve been watching television.  A movie, actually, called DragonHeart – Vengeance. So far, so good!!

Plus I’ve been playing a game or two. And I’ve been writing here, as well. Don’t have a novel to show that I’ve been writing, but journaling isn’t about how much you write so much as it is writing your heart. You’ll know when you’re done “writing”.

All these channels to watch and I’ll be darned if there’s anything to watch. Cable and the Satellite networks not to mention the streaming that can be done. So here I am. Again.

Words on a screen that will, eventually, amount to something being said or spoken without a word being uttered. Words that will be seen for but a fleeting moment to scan the paragraphs in search of something that might or might not catch their eye which in turn catches their interest prompting a further read.

I scan the front page of OD after I’ve published something. Not sure what words I look for but when a word jumps out at me and goes 3D on my computer screen I know that it would be in my best interest to investigate. Surfing OD is like window shopping for the senses without spending a dime. I will be honest and admit that there are some prolific journalists … diarist … blogger … whatever the term might be, who are more than AWESOME with the written word.

And a new movie started… will have to search for something different other than “The First Purge”.

Thanks for visiting my little corner. Here’s to a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!!!

At the time of this posting, the time is 2:28 am PST


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March 2, 2020

I remember my parents having to do this. It seems like a very miserable experience. Good luck with it all.

March 2, 2020

Good luck!