A Few Words.

Sometimes it’s really weird that I have to make decisions due to a person who is living in my body. At 14 weeks, almost 100 days of this, I am finally starting to deal with my pants not really wanting to fit like they used to fit, which is annoying. I don’t care about body image, but it is a trip seeing my body look a certain way that it never has in all of the 32 years of my life. It’s also insane that there is a boy in there. I don’t know much about boy kids, but I do know I usually get along with boy students better…but I hate boy moms who super baby their sons to make them feel like entitled assholes, like the two in my AVID class, but that’s a different story.

I had my first stupid woman give a judging comment.

I have some pretty cool students who take a part in wanting to know baby names or how I’m feeling. It’s cute.

Dustin is pretty fantastic with all of this, which I didn’t expect anything less.

There’s less than 180 days left of this, I guess. Some women love being pregnant. Some women don’t. I just knew this was something I had to do to get a person that was half Dustin and half me.

I’m not having the best time, but I certainly am having a better time than I thought I would be having….I guess.

I do really like a few aspects. It mostly has to do with my emotional stability. It’s pretty even. I don’t worry about trivial things that I used to worry about. I don’t focus on myself much or how something affects me. It’s really nice actually. Nothing works me up that much.


I have lots of other things to say, but I’m fairly tired after this short week.

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October 25, 2018

Congratulations! (Mother of 3 sons here)

October 26, 2018

Don’t let unicorn pregnancy person make you feel bad for not “enjoying every moment”. Some women love it, some women make themselves think they love it. Some women hate it. And that is okay.

ZERO shame.

I will probably be the one who doesn’t love it so much.

I am a little sad that you are not nearer to me so we can go get food and talk about these things in person.