Dear V

I should update that I have two children. On May 26th, Vera was born.

I had a few complications after, but survived. I’ve come to the conclusion that childbirth wasn’t for me and I would’ve died the first time and wouldn’t have ever made it to the second time…

It is what it is. I am not some water birthing Earth mama and my kids are fine.

I think having a daughter has really screwed with my childhood memories with my mom.

I just really want to do everything I can for her.

And I think that it’s a really hard thing to have a toddler and a newborn and neither of them are getting the attention they deserve.

And I am very unsure about our move out of Idaho.

I think our life was better there overall. My house was better. Dustin’s job…he was going to be a senior firefighter and now he has to start over.

I don’t know.


That’s all.

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