I realize that everyone has their own life. I just feel I initiate a lot of things with my family or others and make an effort to check on my sister or others and it’s really for nothing. We moved closer to home to try and support our family, which interestingly enough, Dustin’s parents have proven immeasurably supportive emotionally and financially.

I know it’s in my personality to get hurt when I make efforts and someone important to me does not.


But as I get older, I realize there’s no need to waste time and effort on people who don’t want to make you a priority.

My mental health suffered after my second child, but I figured it out and got through it without help from any friends or family. Dustin did his best but his job was pretty taxing.

The truth is, we would not have moved if it wasn’t for Covid. Everything lined up and we thought it was a sign. Our actual support systems we had in place were actually in Idaho and the housing market there now is insane and the marker has slowed down here. Selling and buying is going to be tough, but not impossible.

An eye opening situation is that we are our own family. The four of us. We will start over and perhaps one day our kids will have kids and want to live near us because we refuse to let them be from a shitty close minded town like the one I grew up in.

The town we are currently in would be fine if it wasn’t for Dustin not enjoying his job.

If it had childcare so I could work.

If it didn’t have a giant homeless population and drugs.

I think maybe 2022 has to be better than the last two years.

It has certainly opened up my eyes to lots of things.





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October 25, 2021

yes, the four of you are your own family. Put your immediate family first. Hope things get better.