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Here is something particularly amusing, except it isn’t. Except it is actually rather disturbing. As a teacher, you think you might be able to reach a student that is…well…there just is a type…the student with the screwed up family life, bad situations at other schools, bad attitude, etc. You think that maybe you can make a difference. When you tell him that he needs to just come to a teacher if he is bullied, when he gets in a fight, you try to figure out how to talk to him so he won’t do it again. When he steals a bike, you still try to let him know you try to trust him by letting him sit in the back…when a girl (who he didn’t even know her last name) breaks up with him, you try to tell him there are plenty of girls out there and he is very young…so this won’t be the last time he dates someone…and then you find out that the little perv has been talking about how small your boobs are and that your clothes are see through and tries to tell people in your class that you are wearing a thong, which, for the record, none of my teacher clothes actually require me to wear a thong at school. Awesome. To make a long story short, he is never to return to my classroom, I have filed a complaint and he is actually off Team C, never to return to our side of the classes. I think that is brilliant. I am super happy about it. I’m also glad I never have to see his face again. The thing is, my sister has taught for 11 years and has never had a student quite like this boy. Other teachers have told me not to let this get to me. I really actually didn’t. I don’t care how he feels about the size of my chest. I do care he was talking about it to other girl students and making them uncomfortable. That is really why he is out of my classroom. I hope I truly never see his disgusting face again. Honestly. Not every student can be saved. I’m never going to believe that I am going to touch the hearts of all my students and make them better people. If a few of them remember me and do something good because of something I told them or interested them in…then I’m okay. I don’t….care…

To make up for the bullshit, I think I received the "Golden Apple Award" that is passed through the teachers. I have to park in a special spot tomorrow…since we didn’t have school today….it was a nice break..I have this golden apple sitting on the my desk and I did like when the kids clapped and said they liked that I got it. I don’t need to be their bffs….but I do like when they appreciate what I do (or my teacher counterparts) do for them.

Not all has been going badly. I accidentally taught biographical information of Edgar Allan Poe and the very same day that he died. I had no idea about it being his death day on October 7th, but we were going over his literary devices he used in "The Raven" and then we went some parts of his life on Oct. 7th…the kids liked it and we had just finished discussing irony so that fit in nicely…



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October 10, 2011

r: it really upsets me that there is not an ESL program at our district. Literally around 40% (if not more) of our kids are bilingual…which leads to comprehension problems when testing. There’s only the one student who speaks pretty much no English, and that’s frustrating, b/c not only do I not speak spanish, and can only read a little, but also, I’ve never taken an ESL class! I do research and

October 10, 2011

I try to find everything I can that we are doing as a class in Spanish, so that he at least knows what we’re reading…but it’s hard. I had an experience like yours at my old school…and yeah, it sucks when you think you might be reaching a kid, only to find out that they really are a ****…I’m like you, I don’t care what they say about me..but don’t make the other kids feel weird…what a jerk!

A lot of troubled kids don’t respond well to niceness. It embarasses them. Makes them uncomfortable. So they do something cruel to make you dislike them and push them away. They think that’s what they really deserve.

Trust me, inexcusable is the only word that comes to mind. Just don’t give up on them and write them off so easily. It’s too easy to become jaded. He’s trying to punch your buttons.

You’re probably right. He didn’t at all get to you. Which is why you wouldn’t be so angry about it. I understand I don’t know the whole situation. I am sure the kid is a complete monster and should be executed now to prevent future crimes. You obviously have male juveniles all figured out. Sarcasm is a beautiful tool of conversation. I wasn’t trying to dispute. Good luck on that teaching career.