I am not to drunk like you are. I can type despite the fact that you spilt beer all over my keyboard. I want to cut your heart and dick off so you can never feel again, maybe then you’ll know how i feel, but no you will still have the rest of your skin to feel with. I don’t feel. I could feel and you denied me, wouldn’t even kiss me. Your too drunk and high you won’t even remember in the morning. I could say you missed your chance but really i missed my chance because i picked someone who is going to be to drunk and high to actually feel me and touch me when i want to be touched. fick this im never doing this again. the feeling i got was out of this world, i wanted to take advantage of it. you couldnt stop talking about respecting tionna becaise you think i wanna fuck. actually i was thinking about how fucking you might ruin all of my feeling. the best sexual experience i have ever had including all the times i have had orgasms during sex and getting eaten out was when a guy just touched my boobs for like two hours. Because I FELT it. It was the first time i ever did anything sexual. The best you’ve ever made me feel was when you texted me after i texted you how i wanted to make llove to you. Including everytime we fucked. after that the next time i felt it was when we were on skype and i couldnt breathe, the next time after that is now. you get to come and feel me physically mentally and spiritually all the time. i get the numbed version of that but when its finally full blown your too fucking drunk and high to even talk to me about it you run off just like jesse always did to me. did i ever say FUCK ME? no i didnt i just wanted to be kissed and touched. you think everytime i feel good just pop out your dick and fuck me right away. FUCK YOU. YOU LEFT ME YOU CAN STAY THE FUCK OUTSIDE AND SLEEP OUTSIDE TONIGHT CUZ MY DAD LOCKED THE DAMN DOOR. I TRIED TO COME OUT LOOKING FOR YOUR DRUNK HIGH ASS THAT ALWAYS WANTS TO BE NEGETIVE BUT NOOOO YOU WOULDN’T COME SO I JUST LEFT FUCK THIS I SHOULDNT BE CHASING YOU. I TRY TO POUR MY SOUL OUT ONTO YOU, YOU PUSH IT BACVK DEEP INSIDE ME. I TRY TO LET MY FEELINGS OUT AFTER THAT, YOU RUN. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE THEN. FOREVER. IM NEVER FUCKING YOU OR TOUCHING YOU AGAIN, EVEN THOUGH I AM DESPERATE ALL THE TIME FOR THE NUMBED VERSION THAT I GET, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You tried to calm me down from my panic attack and tell me to just let go so i did. but then you kept talking and telling me how bad i am for feeling good so it comes back out you tell me its fake that im fucking faking anxiety now?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! FIUCK YOU STAY THE FUCK OUTSIDE FOR THE NIGHT, IF YOUR DUMB STUPID DRUNK ALWAYS WANTING TO BE NEGATIVE ASS WASNT MY SOULMATE I WOULD TELL YOU TO NEVER FUCKING TALK TO ME AGAIN LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE FOREVER AND ROCK THAT STUPID FUCKING 40 OUNCE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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October 31, 2011

If he makes you feel less than you are for even a moment, maybe he isn’t your soul mate. It’s a difficult cycle to get out of, but he doesn’t want to know how you feel and the why of it, then he isn’t your soulmate. It hurts a LOT believe me, I know, but your soulmate would want to know those things and would want to build you up.

November 4, 2011

yea deff not your soul mate, if you ever need to talk text me, facebook me. i may not be someone you see in your eyes anymore but believe it or not my heart is a caring one and it hurts for others