In Love, Light and Laughter

6 months of meditation, and today it was clarity, beauty and joy.  Suddenly I was basked in light, connecting to above, to universe.  Of course, it just never occurred to me, that the answer was always: do not aspire to be, be.  All those talk about setting intention finally clicked, and how I reveled in the clear light of clarity and joy!

Like a rose garden, if one cares enough and search through the bushes, there is so many tiny buds, waiting for just the right air to bloom.  I am filled with so many ideas, that none of them can really come into being all at once, altogether, all in one.  But years of wandering through rose bushes, I have since allowed myself to feel content in this state, and not berate myself for not catching any flying stars, or wedge myself into the crevice of fear, of losing creativity that I thought did not belong me, to who I was.  No, creativity does not have to materialize, it exists within you.  It is essentially what creativity is.

An easel, a new set of watarcolours, a few tubes of oils, they all send the creativity in me for a spin.  They might never came to be, remaining in the form of color tubes, a leg of furniture, but in me, it existed in full life!

As the sun dips, so does my light energy, so like a sundial I hold myself, in the mornings I capture the shadows of my paintings in writing, and upon the darkening hours, I enliven them with bright music playing.  In the notes composed by musicians, I re-enliven their existence, bring them to the present again, and we dance together in the music that touch all our souls!

Yoga, yoga, yogeshwaraya… this body this exsitence, for the moment is still a matter of condensed energy, residing on earth for the time it remains in this form.  It needs sustenance, it needs peace, full existence and alignment, and I shall fulfill every need that this light needs in current form, until it dissolves into the soundless, beautify clear light that was always meant to be!

I love you all.

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May 20, 2024

Beautiful, thank you 🙂