Like an earthquake, everything was shaken up, and now everything have re-settled down to a new arrangement of vision.  I have yet to appreciate this new look to a somewhat skewed vision, having to gaze at the sky now through a slanted landscape.  But, generally I adjust fairly quickly.

Somehow, having on a pair of broken spectacles, I found my love again!  I changed, he changed, but we still loved.  We’d been through so much together, that we had so much to talk about.  We found the wisdom of books again, and this time round I find I could actively converse with it!

Aha, so that’s what it is, people who write books have the best conversations, with the best conversationalists up above.  The inquiry can go on forever by themselves, exploring the possible, the not-need-to-be-proven, envisioning their own visions.  It has nothing to do with whether they have already been written by others or not, whether they are useful so to speak or not; whatever they are to others, have nothing to do with their writing it.  They were not looking for audiences, approvals, or communication in any sense, they have found, rather, a place to be, the place to just be.

So, I’m going to give this a try.  I simply love to try out new things, not for the thing itself, but in the joy of discovering new landscapes.

As soon as I come upon a well written literature, I become entranced in the belief they had in themselves, and that is all that they were interested in.  They were not ‘believing in themselves’, they just were; they were not taken down, for they were simply not interested in what others had to say, or maybe for some, before they had their own full dip in it, before having given it its full chance in becoming something for them.

And that is how we learn of the knowledge, and the wisdom in a person.  Because ultimately, what we’re looking for, is for sound knowledge and wisdom to add on to our own personal knowledge and wisdom.  It has none to do with the person who provided the knowledge or wisdom.  The person itself, is entirely another matter, it involves personal likes and dislikes, and the time and freedom he needs to develop into who he becomes.

Personally, I revel in the language of the author, and believe that it brings me up to their frequency if I were to immerse in it long enough to learn it, or rather, become part of it.  But language is a personal thing, it emanates a person’s personality, character and signature; though it may be easy to break it down and learn the grammar of it, it is not easy to acquire what it entails to become it.  It also becomes difficult to discern true knowledge when a person with no such knowledge learns of the grammar of such a language.

So, however I appreciate the language, I have no intention in learning the language, I remain ‘broken’ in a language that has not yet come to be one, to express myself, and I would add, myself only.  What I am truly interested in, is what vision it painted for me, its inspiration.  For me, that is what knowledge is for, that is what wisdom is; there is no right and wrong, no usefulness or not to a simple piece of information, or personal belief, until situation demands it.  When situations demand it, there arises countless constrictions that need to be observed, conditions that need to be considered, and that is why it is a totally different matter when it comes to ‘application’ of ‘theories’.  It does not only involve one single ‘field’ as it appears to be.

When imagination flies, it knows not boundaries; when we walk in belief, the most integral part of humans, where do they meet, where do they manifest in the digital world amongst all this human goodness?



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