Entry 775: Are the All My Entries About Her Now?

Oh hey so…
I kinda really like my girlfriend.

You know when something you do or say or have done or what ever really freaks people out?
Well, nothing seems to phase her.
Like, at all.

My parents decided to show her all my photos from when I was little.
Luckily enough, she knew me before.
But still.
I just wanted to cringe at it all tbh…

I kinda miss her a lot when she’s not here…
And I get nervous around her all the time, but I’m still really calm?

We’re going away to Leeds next weekend.
For my friends birthday.
But we’re having to stay over night because well, it’s a night out.
And I’m not particularly complaining.
Because it means we’re staying in a hotel together.
She’s never been in a hotel before.
I know right?
So it’s going to be fun.

I’m excited.
She makes me happy.
Like very happy.

I told you about going the doctors, right?
Well, I have an erosion in my cervix…
It may be caused by hormones.
It may not.
So we’re finding out, and when I do, I might have to go see this special doctor person, to get it all sorted…
I’d rather not.
Because it’ll be at a woman’s clinic.
And they’ll be calling "Jack Parr" and everyone will be like, what?
Oh, I don’t want to go…

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November 24, 2012

Oh god, at a woman’s clinic! How akward . lol. It’s ok, theres worst stuff out there .:)

Ah okay, I see that now, Didn’t know what it meant when I first read it- Female turned Male? I thought it was just one of those phrase like ftw (‘for the win’) or something and skim read it lol. Wish I could give you advice on the situation in your last entry but not really sure how to go about that without having an overly graphic conversation! x

And try not to care what the people at the clinic think, look forward to seeing their highly confused faces! Hope it goes ok anyway X

November 25, 2012

I cringe when my mom refuses to use the proper name or shows baby pictures I may not have wanted to be seen. Such is life, I suppose. It is definitely easier when the understanding and support from our significant other is strong enough that they don’t care about those things. Enjoy your night out. Sounds like it’ll be a blast 🙂