Entry 777:

Just really quick.
Well, that’s the plan.

I’m happy.
Like, really happy.
I have an amazing girlfriend.
I have a new job (which I’m hopefully starting soon).
In this new job, they only know me as Jack.
I have my first appointment at Leeds Gender Identity Clinic March 20th.
I’m going up the night before, and she wants to come with.
So we’re having a mini holiday.
We’re going to download festival as well in June.
Camping 5 days, see loads of bands.
Then in August, we’re planning to go to York for a 5 day weekend.
I’m excited.
Things are going so good.

My ribs are playing up again.
I went to the doctors and they gave me ibuprofen and said come back in a week if it’s no better.
So I’ll be back in a week.

Oh! We’re going to see John Green in February as well.
Far too excited :3

Hold on.
My tea’s ready.

Got some angel slices and an apple as well.

My voice is breaking a bit more now.

I don’t really know what else to say now…

Sorry it’s been so long.
See you around or summit…


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