Entry 779:

Isn’t it weird, how you do something and think nothing will come of it, and here you are, and it’s affected things?

Because that makes perfect sense.

I have a strong feeling that I’m not going to sleep tonight.
I mean, it’s 01:34 now.
I have to be up around the 6am mark to be in work for around 7:30am…
I could go in later, but if I get in early, I can sort out like all the work from today that wasn’t finished…
Blah blah blah.

So, I phoned Leeds GIC.
And they said I have an app on March 20th at 1pm.
She’s still going to send me my letter, which I kinda really want now.

I’m not seeing her until Friday, so we’re having a slightly delayed Valentines.
But, this is my first proper Valentines.
Like, with a girlfriend and stuff.
I’m excited.
I like her.
I’m aware I still haven’t mentioned her name, and you still haven’t seen a picture of her.
But I stand by my "I don’t want to show/tell you".
I want to keep her to myself for as long as I can.
She’s mine.
And the longer I don’t tell you, the more mine she is…
And, I know it sounds stupid.
But I like her being mine and not ours.
Not yours.

God, I need to sleep.
My head has gone completely west…

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