Entry 781: Update

Hey. So. I now live with my friend from work.
Zoe basically lives here as well.
But not officially.
She just comes back and forth.

I went to Leeds on the 1st May.
For another GIC appointment.
Hayley said that if I can get my bloods done ASAP…
There’s a good chance that I could be referred for surgery as soon as June/July this year.
And I could be having surgery as soon as September.

I don’t really have much else to say now if I’m honest.
Zoe and I sent a rather large parcel to Cash the other day.
She should get it on the 11th.
Which is far too exciting.
Because it’s full of baby stuff.
And oh. 
We had so much fun shopping for it all.

Okay, bored now.

I’ll try and update you on more things when I can.


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