Entry 791: Work is Work is Work

Work is work. 

I checked my emails and there are two that stand out.

One from my manager to all staff stating what we know is true. That the building I currently am security for will be closing in the next few years. The owners aren’t continuing with the lease or something so the company I moving about 60 miles north. They won’t need security there, or they’ll use local people rather than the current staff.

And then another. 

Subject: Personal -Hostility Between – MGS- Estates / Reception/Unit Security Officer


Hi Gents,

There has been recently a number of incidents / words / and telling offs in a School teacher way by [reception manager]. I was a focus of one of these today. All I can say chaps be careful what you say to [receptionist] as everything gets back to [reception manager]. In future guys be careful as to what you do. Do your job right and try and be professional on the door. Since Jacks (me) e-mail we have been a target, so standby for more Micro management from [reception manager]. They are the customer but if you feel you are being victimised in any way let either me or [another guard] and last resort [our manager] know. Unfortunately we don’t always get it right and drop clangers now and then, but lets try and keep a smile on our face. This situation will gradually expire as and when they make mistakes themselves and I will be the first one to log down and relate to them. ‘We all make mistakes’. (Some more than others). [Place of Work] is closing down in the next 4 years or so. Let’s keep going to the end.

Your comradeship in this is very much appreciated.

[End of email]


My initial email literally just asked people to make sure they were signing staff out of the building as they leave because its a healthy and safety risk. If there’s an emergency evacuation, we give the fire brigade the sign in sheet and say we still have there’s 13 staff on site and they go in and find them. But if people (guards and reception staff) just aren’t signing staff out, then the fire brigade are risking their lives looking for people who are safe at home. 

I was not wrong in asking everyone to make sure they sign staff out. But according to the reception team, it’s only important to sign them in as there’s not that many people in anyway. 

Like, what? I’ll remember that when a fire fighter dies. Or when they appear and we go “no one left up there” because we just assume everyone has gone and a staff member dies. It will be our fault either way. 


So now I feel like I can’t talk to the reception staff in case something gets misconstrued and shit hits the fan.

My wife isn’t feeling well either. It’s probably just a cold, but we all know how that could turn out.

I’m tired and could do with a day off. Even though I was off Friday afternoon – Sunday. I did an overtime shift on Thursday night so I’m a bit out of it. But also, even my rest days aren’t really days off. I own a house so everything comes down to fixing this or updating that or put a towel there the porch is leaking again or cut the grass it’s getting up to our knees! The dog and cats like it long, we just can’t see the dog poop in it 😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Payday was Friday and we’re already in minus, but that’s life at the moment, I guess. 



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October 4, 2021

Dear Lord, nice e-mail. /sarcasm Loaded message non? I hope your wife gets better.