Diet and Exercise

 The exercise part I can be fairly consistent with especially when I have a new toy like the Nike+ thing for my iPod, it’s the diet thing that gives me all the problem


I’m a really picky eater. Like really picky. Like picky to the point you can’t even grasp how picky I am. Ok maybe not that picky. I know people fail diets all the time, but especially for me it’s hard to stick with them, mainly because I am limited to the types of foods I choose to eat.


I tried an all Cheereo’s diet once, where all I’d eat was Cheereo’s. I thought the consistency of giving my body the same thing for every meal would be a good idea. I got bored of that.


And really any diet I’ve tried I’ve basically gotten hungry and thrown it out the window.


Reasons I want to get in shape:

1. I’m unhappy with my physical appearance

2. I’m getting lazier and have little energy

3. I’m going on a mission trip to Japan in june and don’t want to have this self-conciousness toward my appearance. 


So things are hard to go through alone. I asked a friend of mine today who has been a great quality of friend when keeping me accountable towards things to help me diet, and she was more than willing to oblige. And we’re going running at 730 am next monday.


I was thinking of starting -you know so when I run with her it wont be so embarrassing- and going running by myself in the morning, but I’m more of a night runner, because a) I wont get out of bed early to go running and b) well there is no b I just don’t have motivation in the morning. The same can sometimes be true at night. Like tonight I thought i wouldn’t have the motivation to go in the morning so I was going to run tonight, instead I got tired and got in bed and now I’m blogging about how I’m already failing my new diet. See what I mean about my laziness and having little motivation -_-


So it’s good that come monday morning I’ll have someone there to keep me to my promise. I never keep promises to myself. I shouldn’t trust me at all.


So I’m keeping a food journal of everything I’m eating this week to show her my habits and then we’re going to make a diet for me. It’s not that I eat a lot, it’s that I’ve gotten into the habit of only feeding myself when I’m hungry and my body stores all that food for fear that I am going to starve. So sometimes I’m over eating but mainly it’s when I do eat it’s that I’m not eating the right things.


For example:

Yesterday for breakfast I had iHop with David before HIS marathon that I was there supporting him on. (Ironic no?) and I had the short stack (three pancakes) complete with butter and syrup, four sticks of bacon and two glasses of orange juice. That was at 4 am

I ate again around 130ish and I had a Chicken strip dinner at sonic, which is four chicken strips a hand full of french fries one onion ring and I had a large Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper


Then maybe four hours later I snacked on friettos at a super bowl party and had a can of orange soda and that was everything I had to eat yesterday.


Today I didn’t have breakfast because I slept through class. My lunch consisted of 1/4 of a frozen pizza (2 slices out of 8) a Large Dr. Pepper through the drive through at Wendy’s before work

Dinner was in the Caf with the mission team before training and I had three slices of pizza (two cheese one pepperoni) with a glass of sprite.

But when I got home three hours later I was still hungry and monday nights are traditionally pizza night in my family so I went and ordered Little Caesars where I had 5 slices of pepperoni pizza two bread sticks and large dr. pepper


Really I don’t eat heathy and drink way to much soda. But once I gave up soda for a month and drank only water and saw no result, not even a little. 


Like you cared what I ate but it makes me feel better to have it all written down. For my food journal you know.


Hope you’re not hungry now though! Wish me luck.


Maybe I’m going running in the morning, we’ll see! 

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