Empty Words

I’ll give my life for this man.

Will you be my best friend?

Is it so bad that I just wanted to eat with you?

All things that were said to me today and it really brings tears to my eyes when I look at what the motivation might be. Those words that I take to heart to seriously, because I want to hear them so bad, I want them to ring true!

I hate my life right now! I just finished my paper, I have yet to study for my big test tomorrow, and as I type on here I just want to type in incomplete sentences. I don’t want to care about grammar or spelling anymore! I want to be emo and just write out my feelings. I just want to have a good cry! Crying is better in bed holding a pillow. At least so I imagine! If I get in bed to try it now I’ll probably just curl up and fall asleep without studying for this god forsaken test!

Pain pain go away


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April 7, 2009

i think you should. you’ll feel lighter and better. emo it all out. 🙂 i wrote a poem about 3 years ago and it starts with pain pain go away. weird, huh?