On Crushes

"I’m head over heels for someone else."


WHO??!! I guess I never realized that I did have a baby crush on her until tonight. Her personality is just so straight forward real I’m jealous. It seems like her inner self is her outer self, and no it’s not perfect, she’s very tell ya like it is and that’s refreshing.


It doesn’t hurt that she’s attractive too. But now there’s a small challenge and a sense of defeat. She’s "made up [her] mind," "it’s a done deal," do I still contribute to this friendship and hope and pray that something more could come out of it. 


My asking her out to coffee started as a semi joke but I guess there was really some truth in it. And now that she’s DTRed our friendship tonight she’s made it clear that she’s not looking for a relationship with anyone because she really likes someone else.


Who!? I want to know who is her type. What guy could make her of all people use the phrase "I’m head over heels," I didn’t know you could actually evoke something like that from her.




The saga continues.

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