About Faeries…

Naiad stood no higher than an average person’s index finger. She had flowing blonde hair that always seemed to be caught within an errant breeze, even on a still and sultry day, with eyes the color of amethysts that continually sparkled. She wore skimpy clothing, but enough to cover a tiny frame and keep hidden certain assets that sometimes were more of a hindrance.

She had been sent here, to this place known as Earth, on a mission for the salvation of all fairy-kind. She had been warned that it would be no easy task, but she believed she was up to the challenge. Too many people were beginning to dis-believe in the fae and have begun to question the very existence of those mythical creatures that had brought so many stories to life with adventure as well as help settle a young child down to sleep with pleasant dreams.


Naiad was determined to make sure that whomever Jaegel revealed to her as her “mission” would believe in not only fairies, but also in unicorns, and elves, and dragons and all creatures that can and have been imagined. If she failed, then all of her kind and others would simply fade away.

So as the two sat on the tree limb of the huge oak tree among so many others that were of the park, they spoke in low tones and pointed to various individuals, most of whom were believers, and those that weren’t had their own fairy assigned to them, while they waited for Naiad’s ‘person’ to show.

And before too much time had passed, Jaegel grabbed Naiad’s arm and pointed down the path to man who was making his way through the park. “There he is, Naiad!!! See him? That man right there!!” Jaegel said, shaking her arm so hard she thought it’d be pulled right out of her.

Naiad looked in the direction Jaegel was indicating and gasped loudly, “He’s mine? All mine? Do we get to keep them forever when the assignment’s over, Jaegel? He looks mean, I don’t know if I want him. This might take an awful long time to convince him. But, back to kee…”

“Hush, Naiad, and pay attention,” Jaegel said, cutting her off. Naiad folded her arms over her chest, and proceeded to tap her foot upon the tree’s limb showing her impatience and irritation at being interrupted, accompanied with “HRRMPH!”

“Awww…. Naiad, don’t be like that… You can do this. I know you can. And I’ll find out about whether or not you can keep him. But for now… have at it!!! And remember we’re all counting on you!!”

And with that, Jaegel disappeared, leaving Naiad alone, looking down at the man that was approaching.

“Harrumph,” She said again, bringing her arms behind her back and shuffling her feet, “He looks mean,” she said to the leaves that hung in silence.

“And, what if… what if… what if he ignores me?” She said to the soft breeze, and widened her eyes as Jaegel answered her without being seen,

“You can make yourself known to him, Naiad… You can do this….”

Naiad sighed a bit heavily, a wee dramatic for the fae as she rolled her eyes, scuffed the limb of the tree and eyed the man askance, “Ok… I’ll let him know that I’m NOT messin!” Nodding her head, as she waited for the moment to leave the sanctity of the tree and take up a perch on his shoulder.

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