“Aye laddie and the finest ale for miles it be. Not that I’m want to brag a course but fact be fact.” Finn winked cheerfully and grinned, it was obvious he was prideful of his spirits.

I grinned in response to the dwarf’s, eyes twinkling merrily the entire time. And as the stout Man moved away to fill the tankard, I lifted from the stool and peered over the side of the bar, grinning even more at seeing the floor had been built with a sight incline that lifted the dwarf.

The tone of his voice led me to believe that the ale, and even everything he served here, was the best in all the land. And when it was mentioned about the sign reading that the first drink was on the House, I felt quite chagrined, keeping the lopsided grin in appearance and replied,

“Well, aye, I did miss the sign. ‘Twould appear in me excitement about parching the thirst and resting me weary bones for a time, that I missed it. And perhaps I’ll be eatin’ later.”

As Finn looked me over, I in turn did the same. He appeared quite jovial, hospitable to All who entered the Tavern. I looked around the place as he pointed out Angus Mac Og, turning back to Finn and nodding appreciatively.

Fingers curled about the tankard’s handle and I lifted while Finn continued to speak and took a long draught. Smacking my lips and then belching. Still that lop-sided grin remained, even as “Excuse me!” was spoken as the tankard was lifted once again.

“Aye, I’ve skills with weaponry as well as workin’ in the fields. Spent many long days plowing and helping those aboot where I once lived in harvesting. Not that I’m a mon of special skills, mind. Just doin’ what I had to do to get by.”

Again I turned to look about the Tavern, nothing those Finn mentioned. I revealed nothing, though I had to admit I was surprised not to mentioned pleased that so many diverse peoples were here and too, across the lands. As for the place being strange and magical, I knew I would find out more about that as I traveled more and perhaps struck up friendships and perhaps more loyalties whose paths I would cross.

I turned to look back at Finn, nodding my head to the words, “Tho many thinks its secretive like cause they protect these shores so good. It be hard to find a safe comfortable harbor these days, know what I mean?

And when it was asked what I be called, I grinned once more, lifted the tankard and drained its contents before placing the vessel upon the surface of the bar. Wiping my mouth with the back of My hand, before pushing the coin toward him indicating another drink, I responded,

“Caryck, Finn. I be called Caryck.”

I grinned still, and turned to look toward Angus Mac Og. My thirst still needed quenching, but I was determined to speak with this Man before I sought sleep for the night.

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January 28, 2018

I’m loving this story!

January 28, 2018

Thank you!! Though I have to admit that my proofing skills are sorely lacking!!!

February 26, 2018

I’m hooked. Nicely written. I’m hooked. Don’t stop now.