Oh My, My… Oh Hell Yeah!!

Hard to believe that this much time has passed since I last wrote. Perhaps I should clarify!!! I meant writing in this type of venue. The diary. I missed this place. I missed the notes on certain passages written; randomly visiting other diarists to read and get “wow’d” by their writing. I had the opportunity to read so very many amazing pieces here that it blew me away. I remember thinking, after reading one diarist whose diary name I can’t remember, that when I grew up, I wanted to write just like them!!!

We all have our own unique styles however. Which is what sets us apart from each other. I enjoy writing. I love writing, actually. I am infatuated with words, if not outright in love with them. Their connectivity with other words at times leaves me breathless. Or tearing up. Or catching my breath. Or feeling my lips thin and my brows draw together.

I call myself a hobby writer. I do it for fun. I do it because I role play on writing forums. I write erotic stories and often poems of the same genre. I love writing suspense and drama; adventures and romance and historical romance, too!!! I have no desire to become published. I did years ago, but not now. Too much fun writing this way.

So, with that in mind, this Diary will more than likely contain nothing but stories. And poetry. Perhaps a tease now and then, because I enjoy stories and the telling of them.



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