Friday 05/31/19

Well, I am done with work. I went back to work on Wednesday. I only worked half a day. I was just too sick to finish the day out. And I am not going back. I was going to try to work until Monday 06/03/19. But I am just not able at this time. I have pneumonia. And I tried 5 antibiotics I think this last one might do the trick. I am feeling better. But still weak. I think I am doing better and then get up to do something and find myself exhausted and unable to continue. I know that is how this illness works. So I am trying to resign myself to just listen to my body and do what I need to do.

I am having mixed emotions about now being done with my job. I won’t lie I am scared to death I won’t be able to make it financially. I have paid all my bills off except one credit card. I contacted a bank and redid the card with them with a much lower interest rate. I was paying 100 a month and the balance was not going down. I asked about lowering my interest rate for being a good customer. They would not budge it was 21%.  So I found a credit union that my son banks at and applied for a visa loan to pay it off.  Interest is 4% the first 6 months. And then it goes to 11%. I got the loan through them and transferred the balance. I feel so much better about that.

It will be a bit of an adjustment only getting paid monthly. I am sure I can do it. I will just have to manage my money differently. I do have a small savings account to fall back on. And later my 401k from my previous job that I worked at for 20 years. I will be 61 yrs old in July. I can work a part-time job if I want. I just can’t make over  17.000 a year from that. I have almost maxed that out by continuing to work until now. So a part-time job will be out of the question now until after January 1st. I am collecting widow benefits from my spouse.  Not my SS.  So when I turn 65 I will have other options.

I am sure people have their opinions about me taking early retirement. I don’t care. I have worked all my life since 15. I am sick (I have leukemia ). And I am tired of trying to work for a company that has no compassion for what I am going through. I have worked for them for 5 years. Juggling my appointments, and my health around them. I am done doing that. The doctors treating me have told me for the last 3 yrs that I need to do this. Losing my husband has given me the opportunity to do this. And not have to spend months or years fighting for disability. I would much rather continue to work and have my husband with me. But of course not possible. So I am finally going to do what is right for me.

So we will see what the future holds. The next few months might be a challenge but I will get through it. I am going to stop now and rest for a while.  Take Care OD friends.

Sheri 💐








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May 31, 2019

Finances always seem to be what we worry about most when we retire or become disabled. I know you would work if you could.  The company you work for just doesn’t seem to care, do they?  I’m sorry that your husband is no longer with you. That must be hard. Pneumonia is awful. I hope that the medicines you’re taking for it work. The last time I had it I was hospitalized for four days. Anyway, you take care of yourself. It’s surprising what we can do on small fixed incomes.

May 31, 2019

I had double pneumonia last year and it took forever to recover. Time to relax!

May 31, 2019

Do you have medical disability?  When my hubby was in the hospital not too long ago he was on medical insurance for a month till he went back to work but they would have paid him no matter how long he didn’t work.  Or do you have something called Employment insurance that you can get before your other income starts?  I just hate to see people struggling when they don’t have too……I know you will figure this out.

June 1, 2019

@jaythesmartone Ah the benefits of Canada and US unions! I should move out there with you folks. Care for another roommate? JK JK

June 1, 2019

@tiffany_b My son is looking for a roommate for July…….Not sure if it’s only going to be the two of them or if they are looking for a bigger place…..  But I only have two bedrooms and after the idiot the land lady said three people can’t live here……but you don’t want to live here anyways because it’s more then an hour to Vancouver.

June 1, 2019

I’m so happy to see another woman doing what is best for herself rather than some arbitrary rules that society makes up. I was on disability for a long time and just recently got off. You can do it, but definitely won’t have any wiggle room. I was able to pay my bills and that’s it.

How long have you had leukemia for? My condolences regarding your husband. You deserve the benefits you get for that, though I’m sure it’s a small amount.

Your credit card move is a smart one. Good job! Pneumonia is the pits. I had walking pneumonia back in February and it was so tough even though it wasn’t the full blown illness.

Do you have some interests you plan on getting back into once you’re feeling better from the pneumonia?