Saturday 05/02/2020


A new month is upon us. Where did the other 4 go? Lost in quarantine for almost 2 full months. My how time flies when you are having fun.   😣

So yesterday was not a good day tummy wise. I had issues all day and into the night. I managed to go out briefly to pick up a few groceries I really needed. Yes, I wore my mask and gloves. I went to Hyvee grocery store. They have a garden center type thing this time of year. They had all that type of stuff on sale for 15% off. So I treated myself. I bought myself a big succulent basket to hang off of my porch. I have just recently tried my hand at growing succulents. So far so good. So I thought why not. Flowering plants tend to die off so quickly.  And these I can transplant and take inside in the fall. And there I think 5 different plants in this pot. And one is flowering. I will try to get a picture.

It was a beautiful day. It reached 67 degrees. It got cloudy a few times and looked like it might rain but it didn’t. Today is much the same but it is supposed to reach into the high 70’s. But it is somewhat overcast. I love sitting out in my chair and just listening to the birds, and soaking up the sun, and reading if Gracie will stay out long enough.

I paid my lot rent yesterday. And I asked about my new neighbors. It appears to be a mother, and her two daughters and one of the daughters has a daughter. They have been living in the mobile home court for a few years and just decided to get something bigger and better and move in together. So that is cool. I have only met the mother and that was when I was taking my garbage to the dumpster. It was very brief. She was very friendly. But of course, having to stand so far away from each other right now it is hard to have a conversation. Then yesterday, when I was leaving the daughters, were outside and I glanced over and they said Hi. I said hi and waved back. Hopefully, we can meet and chat when things are better. I am adjusting to having neighbors. I didn’t for so long so every little sound kind of startles me. This time of year when you have your windows open and you live so close together it’s kind of hard not to hear things. It might be kind of nice having women living next to me.  🙂

Last night I was very restless and I could not get comfortable. I tried to read, I was bored. So I went on Netflix looking for something to watch. I came across this series called “Outer Banks”. I ended up binge-watching the whole 1st season. It was really good. I do that every so often when I find something good. There are several series with their second seasons starting this month. “Dead to Me” is one of them. The only bad thing about binge-watching is then you have to wait another whole year for updates. Someone recommended I try “Ozark” I did start that one. It has several seasons. I am only a couple episodes in on the first season.

Some things have opened up here in our state and county. Not enough here in our county or with 30 miles of us to really change things. Certain counties must remain shut down more than others due to the number of active cases.  The restaurants have decided to wait. The Governor told them they could open up with all these restrictions and they decided to wait that it would not be worth the time and money to open up at 50% capacity with all the costly restrictions. So they will remain carry-out or delivery until at least May 15th. In our little town, there are only two places. Both are bars that serve food. One mostly pizza, and the other all kinds of sandwiches. The one has been around forever. And is still doing a lot of business. The other is about 5 years old and they seem to be doing well. They run specials daily. There has been a lot of support from the community here. And a few anonymous donors have been leaving huge tips and contributions. We don’t have much here in this town with a population of about 2,500. We do have a Mcdonalds, Casey’s General store ( convenient) store and a Quick Trip,  and a small Grocery store that does not have much. So we need to keep what we have here. For this being the Birthplace of Herbert Hoover there is not much here. Businesses come and go quickly. Of course, the Presidental Libary closed when the pandemic started so that causes some stress on our small-town economy.

The things I miss the most are my weekly trips to the library. They decided to not reopen until at least after 05/15. I miss going and having coffee at Casey’s store.  And I miss going into the next town over 20 miles away to thrift store shop and go to the goodwill. I do go to that town to pick up groceries now. But nothing else has opened up yet. Even if I didn’t buy anything I loved to browse. And all the bigger restaurants are there as well. My sanity needs some thrift store shopping. 😝

I have run out of things to say for now. I am going to water the indoor plants, run the vacuum, and clean up around here. I have chicken legs in the crockpot for dinner later. So after that, I will probably read some. I started a new book “The Woods” by Harlan Coben.

Ciao for now,

My new plant. This was taken from above so you could see all the different types.

P.S. I did get to see my son and my granddaughter at a distance the other night. He did a drive-by in the dark. I stood on the porch and he stood by my car and Quinn was in the car with mommy. She rolled down the window and blew me a kiss and told me she loved me. I wanted to just run and hug and kiss her and my son. God, it is so hard. They are all in the public every day with their jobs and Quinn in daycare. And I am the one that has all the health issues. I hate it. Hopefully, soon I can hug them all.

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May 2, 2020

Gorgeous day here! 85 degrees and loving it

May 2, 2020

If you should become really bored I have an oven to clean……

May 2, 2020

I do hope you will be able to see your son and granddaughter soon. Have yall tried doing ZOOM or something on cell phones to keep in face to face contacts by video’s !
Take Care

May 3, 2020

It’s so hard not being able to go see loved ones right now and love them how we want to </3

I’m definitely getting restless these days

May 9, 2020

I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. The plant is gorgeous! I’m thinking of starting a balcony garden, but I don’t know where to start. Any advice you have is welcome.

I pray you get to hug your granddaughter soon!

May 10, 2020

Pretty plant! 🙂

Yeah, this has been a hard time, in different ways, for everyone. The hardest part now is not knowing when/how we can feel safe again.

So you liked Outer Banks? I wanted to watch it, cause my parents live in NC, but thought it might be a bit too silly (though I watch all kinds of stupid shows haha)… I think I will check it out. Ozark is really good, and in my opinion, got even better this last season. The acting is incredible the last few episodes, and now I have to wait, but my husband and I watch a lot of shows, so there’s always something, waiting to be watched. And I’m always reading two books, one on kindle, and one in audiobook form.

Sorry you miss your library runs, I miss some little things too.