Saturday 06/01/19

New month. A whole new situation.

I am feeling a bit depressed. I am not sure leaving my job is the best thing for my sanity. I know I am sick and I need to eliminate the stress. But what am I going to do with all the extra time? Maybe I am dwelling on it too much right now. I am still feeling very ill, and fatigued from pneumonia. I am not sleeping well. My sleep schedule is all over the place.

There is no shortage of things to do around my home. I need to clean things out. Purge actually. I have way to many clothes and way too much stuff. But right now feeling the way I do I start things and have to stop and rest. I am hoping once I actually start feeling better that I am going to feel differently about leaving the job.

My job was very stressful. I was not treated well.  I had to work all the shitty hours. I did get to work from home. I still have all my equipment * computer here. I will have to return that sometime next week. I thought I would feel a huge relief when I left. But I just feel empty. My co-workers all complain daily how they also hate their jobs and wish they could retire. Two of my friends from work are the same age as I am.  Of course, no one wants to start over at a new job at our age. I would have been there for 5 yrs in August. My last two jobs I had been with the company 20 yrs each. So I have retirement =401k from those jobs. So my thoughts right now are that I will take some time adjusting to being a retired person. And if I have too much time on my hands and really find things tight I will look for a part-time job

I don’t really have hobbies. I do enjoy reading. And I do read a lot. I visit my library once or twice a week. And I could probably volunteer there if I wanted too. I have really worked a lot and haven’t had time for hobbies. So it’s strange to me.

Is it normal to be having these feelings of “Did I do the right thing?” I have to quit thinking about it so much. My son keeps telling me to just enjoy life and let it go.

I wish I had friends that were retired. I don’t know what I will do with all my time. I guess time will tell. Once I get used to it and feel better hopefully I will settle in and not feel depressed about it.

Today I am going to get off the computer and start working in my spare bedroom. Purging clothes and things I don’t need. Getting donations ready.  We have decent weather finally. I need to go for a long walk with the dog.

I am truly thankful for each new day. I will find a new purpose.



*Reading: The 13-Minute Murder by James Patterson


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June 1, 2019

I wonder if you could do something from home part time then there wouldn’t be the stress of dealing with idiot co-workers and you could do something that you really enjoy and have fun at?

June 1, 2019

Give yourself some time. It takes some adjusting to get used to retirement.

June 1, 2019

There is a lot to think about when we retire. I found that being retired and alone was depressing, so I had to find distractions. These weren’t easy to find, but I did find them. I have adjusted to living alone and in retirement and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Living alone offers so much freedom, or so I think. I am thinking about joining the Senior Center and seeing what recreation I can find there, maybe friends as well. I found it hard to declutter my condo, but now that it’s done, I’m very happy. Please know that we are here for support.

June 2, 2019

I have the same issue as you. I mean, I am not close to retiring, and I would actually love to, and to have free time, cause there are things I’d love to do, but anytime I get freedom and more time, I just sit around watching horrible TV and binge-eating. I don’t know why I won’t just do the stuff I know I love to do. My suggestion is (and that’s what I’d try) to try and set up some sort of routine. I’d start the day with a work out, even if short, cause that clears the mind and gives you energy and confidence. Then, just sort of organize the days with stuff you like to do. Maybe you need structure. My issue is that I love everything artistic, but I do need structure in order to have discipline. And yeah, someone said here: do consider tking a part time job of some sort, maybe something you really enjoy that is stress free? Good luck. <3

June 3, 2019

Retired in December 2014 after 30+ years, but couldn’t stand the nonstructured, free days (was eating too much), so I got a part-time job only minutes from home (as opposed to 45+ mins commuting by bus/subway). So far, it’s been awesome.