Tuesday 05/12/2020

Good Morning. At first, I typed Monday. And then I thought no that isn’t right. Lord, every day I wake up I have to think about what day it actually is. That is what retirement does to you. It’s not all bad. Seems I don’t go to appointments much and nothing seems that important to accomplish in any time frame right now. So goes it.

I did go out for a brief time yesterday later in the afternoon. My friend and I masked up and went to Walmart. I needed a few things. But I also treated myself to a new plant. I wanted outdoor plants. But changed my mind and picked a hanging plant for indoors. It is called a Teddy Bear Vine. It is very unusual looking.  Insert the picture below.

I haven’t ever had one like it. I am going to put it outside for now. See how it does. I might have to bring it in if the sun becomes too much. All of my house plants are doing great. My succulent basket is doing great. I had to bring it in two nights because we had a light frost. I don’t have any blooming flowers outside. I just can’t find anything I really like. I have hens and chicks in front of my house in planters. But I didn’t bring them in. The light frost may have killed them off. I still may get some blooming things for the front of my home. Walmart’s plants were not that healthy. So I may go someplace else. Not much is open yet.

We got a lot of rain over the weekend. And more in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. And then it is supposed to start getting warmer each day. Reaching 80 degrees by next week. That will be nice. I love going outside and sitting and reading my book when it’s warm. Gracie will lay on the warm cement and be content.

My son called to facetime on Mother’s day. that was nice. My granddaughter was so full of energy. It was nice to talk to them. It is always hard. I want to hug and kiss them so bad. Hopefully soon.

I read a lot over the weekend. It was raining and cold out. Not much else to do. Who wants to do housework? I would much rather read. So I read 2 books by Robert B. Parker. 📚  I am getting my piles of books sifted through. So I can donate them when the other thrift stores open. Which is a good thing. Because I have a lot of books.

One of the thrift stores I frequent has re-opened. But I am not ready to go there. I figure I would let the other people pile in and shop. They are not using any restrictions on how many can be in the store. So I don’t feel real comfortable going yet. As much as I want too. I should be social distancing myself for a while yet. I only usually go out if I need groceries. And normally it’s just to the regular grocery store. Not Walmart. But my friend and I both needed other things yesterday that is why we went to Walmart. We were looking for paint or stain because we have to do our porches and decks before June 1st. Per management. I have some leftover redwood stain from last year. So I think I am going to use that. I need to do my front steps and also my back steps this year. We also have to power wash our homes. I might have to ask my son if he will come and do it. Some people in our court have a lot of things they need to do. I am glad my list is short.

It really is hard to believe it is May. The weather does not feel like May weather. And with things being closed it just seems so different. I hope by the fourth of July things are back to normal. Or closer to it. I want to see my son. I want to spend time with him. And my granddaughter is getting so darn big. I feel like I am missing so much. I know I am not alone. And I know I say it over and over. But they are my family and pretty much all I have. I do have brothers and sisters. But I am not close to them. It’s sad.

I know I am depressed. I am dealing with it. Or trying my best. I try to get outside a little each day. I take the dog for walks. I sit outside when I can. I try to keep my days busy. But there is only so much you can do. I am glad I am out of my reading slump. I also have groups on Facebook I have created. One is a book group. One is an inspirational group that I post positive things. And the other is Women supporting Women.  It is a group just for women to try to encourage them. I enjoy my groups a lot. I do things on the computer. I watch videos and play games.  I miss going out to eat and going for coffee, meeting up with friends. I know things will change again. But the not knowing is hard.

I am going to stop now. This is a long boring mess. I need to catch up on reading my favorites here. It is kind of overcast right now. So I will wait a while to go out and transplant a few houseplants. I hope everyone is doing well in this mess called life.


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May 12, 2020

Question?  Why doesn’t management do the staining and power washing?  I mean that is why they are management right?  or don’t they like to get their hands dirty or pay someone else who actually knows what they are doing?

May 24, 2020

Life is nuts right now, depression is getting the best of most people unfortunately. Take care!