The 1st part of my life (5-12).

OK so I was born like any other kid, but about 3ish days before my 5th birthday I woke up and I  threw up, I could not talk, I could not movie, I did not remember the day before. The next day my mom and dad took me to the ER, the ER had no idea what was happening, like it was like I had every mental illness, some physical illnesses and some other illnesses, and that all happen over night. So anyways I got tested and all, well they was thinking I had Pandas, well they gave me meds for that and nothing worked. OK now I am gonna jump a bit to about when I was 6. One day I woke up and I could not move at all, like my lags would not movie and even if they did they did not hold. Jumping another months or so… I stayed in like an amazing hospital of over a week why they did test on me. They came up with the ideal that I had a lot wrong that had like no name, it was something that have not happen to anyone else in the world… it was ether  bad genes or a mosquito or something, to this day they still don’t know. Skipping to when I was 7……. I had OCD that was so bad! Like i could not touch the fool type bad. Well i got help and got over that but next was… My speech! My speech was so bad that i had to get help anyways That is better now. Anyways a lot of stuff happen, but I was better for a long time after, ’til……….. I was 11 and well IDK why but my OCD started back, I did not leave the home for months. It took a long time but I got on some meds and I am all better now! Hope this helped you in someway. Next post/entry may be about 2020 for me….

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