My two former coworkers and I, decided to catch up and go to brunch. Newley, engaged, I couldn’t wait to show them my ring and tell them all about my proposal. We went to one of favorite brunch spots. I had steak and eggs, and about 100 pitchers of mimosas. One of my girls, was telling me about her rocky marriage, and the other about her single sexcapades, so needless to say, I was engulfed in deep conversation and wasn’t paying attention to how many glasses of mimosas I was drinking. After the restaurant I decided to take the train with one of my girls. After one stop I started to get hot. I told her I needed air. We got off the train, and went to get an uber, somehow we stopped for a hot dog. As soon as I got into the uber, I started to get the spins. The nyc city hot dog can be your best friend or your worst enemy when you’re drunk. We were in an uber pool, when I started sweating and told my friend, I can’t hold it, I think I’m gonna puke. As soon as I said the words I puked all over myself. The pressure from puking must’ve set something off in my body Bc before I knew it, I started to projectile puke out of my ass ! I was like a baby with shit to the middle of my back. The uber smelled like a rotten corpse. It was horrible. Thank God for my friend, because she took me to her house cleaned me up and sent me home in another uber. I had to pay $160 in uber cleaning fees. I won’t be having brunch annnnytime soon ! Lol!

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April 6, 2019

Omg. I feel so horrible for you. I’m hoping you’ve since recovered. Careful with those mimosas. <3

May 27, 2019

@celestialflutter 😂😂😂 yes I’ve recovered however, I only drink them at home now 😂😂😂