Smack! Sounded Like a Giant Fly Swatter

 I was having a late dinner tonite when I witnessed a painful scene.  A  rough looking guy came into Captain D’s with his young son.  The little boy was so excited to be eating out with his Dad.  He raced over to a booth across from me.  His Dad, sounding like drill sargeant, ordered him to move to another table.  The boy quickly moved and joined his Dad.  His Dad appeared to have had a bad day because he was so grumpy.  

"I love this restaurant!" the little boy told his Dad.  The Dad continued to gripe about how the little boy should behave in the restaurant.  Trust me.  This little boy was NOT misbehaving.  Suddenly, he slipped off his seat onto the floor, under the table.  His Dad swiftly stooped to check on his son, slapped him on the face, and picked him up and sat him next to him.  

OMG!  The slap was so loud when the man’s hand hit his son’s cheek.  I winced when I saw and heard it.  I can’t get over it.  The little boy cried and looked over at me.  I wanted rescue him, but his Dad looked too scary.  I am sad tonite.  Why are some parents so mean?

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