Ugh Ramble

I would watch my life as a sitcom. It’s like we’re in season 5 and the writers are just throwing down some crazy shit to keep me on my toes.

You reap what you sow. I don’t do drama. I don’t sow shit. Why am I reaping these earth shattering, off color vibes and consequences? Consequences for what?! It’s emotionally exhausting and I am sick of being like this. When am I going to be forgiven for shit that wasn’t even ill mannered?

I am not one to play the victim. I don’t play that. I’m a fully capable and functioning(eh) adult. I take responsibility for my actions. But… This is becoming too much. The weight.

I don’t know when to tap out. I’ll never stop giving it my all if it still seems worth it. I’ll take consequences I don’t deserve.

I hope someone understands where I’m at.

Teeter Totter Bullshit.

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August 17, 2018

I sincerely hope things become less season 5 and more season 2? It’s as if the writers just get tired the longer it goes on and we’re doomed to repeat the same base level drudgery and mistakes and consequences which are often rather ill deserved over and over and over.

But stick it out, it is the biggest fuck you – back to life that I can think of