Shopping and Souvenirs

Travel is about broadening the mind. We know this.
But it can also be about delight, sampling various wares and wines, and buying gifts to bring back home, also.

Shopping and sourcing souvenirs has been an important part of travel ever since travel became a popular pastime.

A little shopping (Photo by: Giulia Gasperini)

In the 19th century, visitors to other countries – mostly the very rich or soldiers, at that time – would bring back trinkets to remind them of their travels and their time abroad. These ranged from glass and pottery – obviously, not that easy to travel with due to their fragile nature – to leather goods, foods, smoking apparatus, and more.

These days, street traders and stalls have grown to become huge shops, malls, and department stores. Whole floors of these may be dedicated to consumer goods, and directly aimed at tourists.

Whole other floors contain many delightful treasures, where you can shop ‘til you drop!

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