Regardless of the distance

I’m going to skip family because I can’t always count on my mother and my father which is sad but I think it is also quite common because we live for a very long time with our family and we rely much more on them than on our friends, so if we had relied 1/10 as much on any other friend they would buckle and give way. Talking of friends though, I have this wonderful friend whom I met in 2008, which is 13 years ago now. I have never had such a long friendship with anyone, nor so close or dependable. The reason I know I can count on him is that he’s always been there for me when I needed him and never let me down. He’s never lied or gossiped or showed any negative character traits. He’s given me more support than I have given him. He is a great listener, and a great to talk to. We have different world views but we can continue discussing things despite that, and I think that’s because of the strength of our relationship. I’m very glad to have a friend like him.

I think we also contribute to each other’s personal development which is great because a friend who does not help you grow is not so good I think. It is also my impression that we have been copying each other somehow. I don’t know who is copying whom but it is a bit too much to be a coincidence 🙂 For example, we speak the same languages, and we are both musicians, although he is a professional musician who is good at very many instruments and I am an amateur self-taught musician. I’ve started learning Spanish and for some reason he started that too, and I’ve known Russian and he started learning Russian as well. So, I’ve started Arabic and I don’t think he’ll venture that far because I don’t think that he likes Arabs, muslims or Islam, because he is an atheist. I, on the other hand, am a believing a-gnostic who is very skeptical about the possibility of knowledge and about science (gnosis y sciencia). So I’m almost sure that he won’t be learning Arabic 🙂 He is an avid reader and researcher just as I am.
He had been in a relationship for many years with her girlfriend and after I met my wife and married her in just a few months, about a month later they got married too :).  Also, We are both lost in our tracks, and have little sense of direction. We both like doing the things that we enjoy and stay away from things that we don’t want to do at the expense of our own good. In any case, there is a friend who never let me down and supported me, and I know I can count on him. I hope I am as good a friend for him as he is for me. I live in another country now, but our communication is still strong, although I miss hanging out with him.
Cheers bro!

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I want to learn Portuguese, 🙂

December 5, 2020

Good for you 🙂 I’m learning Spanish and Arabic.
I don’t know Portuguese but it is mostly intelligible if you know Spanish.

@jackolanthorn Yeah… Spanish and Portuguese are alike.