This a new year for me and Bobby. I think that things are going to be getting better for me and Bobby. Me and Bobby came to an agreement last night that we are going to have a clean slate with it being a new year. I think that once me and Bobby move then things will be much better. It is getting closer and closer for us to move into our trailer. I know that sometimes that I can be a pest and sometimes I can be annoying but that doesn’t seem to bother Bobby much. Me and Bobby have been getting along more and more every day. We just celebrated our 9 month anniversary on Sunday. My birthday is 6 days away and I can’t believe that I am going to be the big 31…. I know that I am not wanting to do anything special for my birthday…. I am supposed to be going bowling this weekend but that is not going to happen because we really don’t have the money and besides I really rather just stay home…. New Year means new me there is a lot of things going to be different for me this year starting with me losing weight…. I am on a mission to drop a 100 pounds before June so I can fit into a decent wedding dress for my wedding…. Sometimes Bobby can get on my nerves and he can be really annoying but I tell him about it and he stops…. I have been having to deal with the fact that my female cat Tinkerbell is in heat and she has to stay in locked up in the bathroom for the time being I feel so sorry for her because she has to be locked up but I don’t want to have to deal with raising kittens all over again…. My days of raising kittens are over…. I know that I have a lot of things that is wrong with me and believe me I am really trying to get my issues worked out before I marry Bobby in June…. I am hoping that we can be in trailer by February so I don’t have to deal with the neighbors in apartment one anymore. Those idiots in apartment one is really testing my nerves here lately with all of the fighting that they do, stomping, fighting, and beating on the walls. All I have to say is that they better steer clear of me because I have a few choice words for them and I am NOT going to be nice to them if they don’t stop with their stupidity…. I never dreamed that I would be spending New Year’s day installing windows 10 on the desktop…. Bobby needs to learn to give me some credit because I do know what I am doing, I have worked on enough computers and watched tons of YouTube tutorial videos, and besides if I run into a problem I can easily ask my son Hunter for his help…. I be damned if I am going to sit there and let those idiots in apartment one disturb the peace any longer…. I am actually going to do something about it…. They need to realize that there is two other families in this apartment complex and that some people actually have to work Monday thru Friday from 5:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the evening…. Those stupid idiots in apartment one was fighting again last night with there so called friends and disturbing the peace…. They really need to stop before I go over there and plainly tell them that if they don’t stop with all of the nonsense that the law will be called and they will be going to jail because they are disturbing the peace…. The law for Beckley city limits is that if anyone is disturbing the peace and the law gets called for a noise complaint the person who is causing the noise is the ones who will be going to jail…. I know exactly what goes on in that apartment one and I have a half of mind to call CPS on them because there is drug use in that home with a little child there…. There is nothing that the landlord can do about me calling the law or CPS because he has already been advised about the drug use in apartment one and he has also been advised about them making noise non stop…. All I have to say is the day that I move out I am going to tell them where they can shove this apartment complex and where they can go because I will NOT be back if my life depended on it…. I am so done with living in this apartment and next to those idiots in apartment one…. The next time that one of their so called little friends parks in my parking spot I am going to call a tow truck and then their little so called friends can have fun getting their vehicle back from the impound lot…. They want to play let’s take her parking spot then they can have fun getting their car out of impound…. I know to many people who have their own towing business and they would help me in a heartbeat if I called them…. Talena’s kids are back to making loud noises too, kicking the walls, and beating on the walls…. This has to really stop because I can’t take much more from either of the two neighbors…. Then on top of that Talena’s boyfriend Zack is trying to drag me in the middle of his and Talena’s problems by trying to get me to pick sides…. I really don’t want to be dragged in the middle of their problems and I have already told both that I didn’t want to be dragged in the middle of their problems and that I have enough problems of my own…. They need to learn to handle their own problems like I have learned to handle my own problems…. Moving day can’t come fast enough for me and Bobby because living here in this apartment is becoming a living hell for me…. Judy (Talena’s mother) is stil trying to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong and I am getting ready to tell her and her husband David where they both can go because they have no right sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong…. Oh wait! I have already gave Judy’s husband David a mouth full because he was trying to play that daddy card on me again…. Didn’t he learn his lesson from the last time he tried that???? Apparently not because he tried it again the weekend before Christmas and I let him have then…. If David keeps it up I guess that I am going to have to go to his house and tell him face to face that if he doesn’t stop with the whole trying to play the daddy card that next time his is going to carry an ass-whooping because my daddy is dead and gone and there is NO other man going to ever take my daddy’s place…. David and Judy both need to lay off of me and David needs to learn to start saving his money because from what I found out that everyone at his and Bobby’s work is getting tired of David always bumming money and cigarettes…. David better NOT think about asking to borrow money or cigarettes from me and Bobby because the answer is NO…. Also found out that if David misses one more day from where he works that he is going to get fired…. <- Oh well that is his own stupidity for missing that much work and not always taking a doctor’s note in…. Doesn’t he know that every time that he misses work and doesn’t take a doctor’s note in that it counts against him???? 🙄 David needs to learn how to leave people alone because otherwise one of these days he is going to meet his match and then he is going to be in trouble and there won’t be anyone there to help him….

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