I have to start packing the apartment sometime this weekend…. Not only is me and Bobby moving but Talena is moving too…. I am thinking that I am going to wait till Saturday to start packing so Bobby can help me…. Now that I have boxes I have to decide to what room what I want to start packing first…. I have to call the manager of KFC back Tuesday evening…. I am slowly starting to feel better…. I know that we are going to need help moving when the time comes…. I am slowly starting to pack the kitchen…. I will be glad for the day that we get to move…. Moving day is getting closer and closer and I can’t wait…. I am going to have to clean the trailer and the carpets…. <- That won’t be be such a big deal…. I know that me and Bobby will be much happier once we get into the trailer…. Our lives will definitely be much better because we will have more room and I will be able to start hosting parties like I used too…. I am going to have a computer room and I am going to decorate the trailer the way that I want too…. Rich and Tiffany are leaving us some things like the stove, refrigerator, a sectional couch, a washer, and some kind of stand…. I know that I am going to be much happier because I won’t have to deal with those neighbors in apartment one anymore…. The day that I move out I am going to tell the landlord where he can shove this apartment because I am done and that I won’t be back ever…. I am going to have a house warming party once we are settled in the trailer…. 

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